Caribou Mountain Construction

Caribou Mountain Construction (CMC) is a division of The Little Red River Group of Companies LP (LRRG) based in High Level, Alberta. Little Red River Group of Companies is 100% First Nation owned and has the goals of sustained growth and socio-economic freedom for the Little Red River Cree Nation.

Caribou Mountain Construction LP is comprised of a diverse group of highly experienced senior management, project managers, engineers, and skilled trades. We have 30+ years of experience working in the Canadian North and throughout Western Canada. We specialize in Civil construction, such as:

  • Telecommunications
  • Shallow utility installation (Power, communications)
  • Deep Utility installation (Water, sewer, etc.)
  • Earth Moving
  • Lot servicing
  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Vegetation Management
  •  Road construction
  • Storm pond
  • Dredging
  • Offshore Marine construction

We are committed to employing, training, coaching, and developing our First Nations community members. Our employees are our most important asset. It is our employees who deliver a positive image of the company, and we are extremely proud of the social impact they have within the Little Red River Cree Nation. As we grow our business, we look to set an example of what a successful First Nation owned business can provide in terms of sustainable well paying employment opportunities for our community members.

Ensuring the Health and Safety of our employees and the Environment is our highest priority. Our Team of professionals has developed robust industry HS&E plans for the protection of our employees, our subcontractors, and the environment. We take safety seriously so that we can ensure everyone goes home to their families at the end of the day. Environmental protection is always top of mind; we recognize we are stewards of mother earth and must protect the environment for future generations. Caribou Mountain Construction is COR certified and we are compliant with all provincial Work Safe Boards in the areas within which we operate.

We understand construction and construction methodology. Quality is top of mind and this understanding allows us to complete jobs in the most efficient way. By implementing our project specific management plans, we can manage our Quality program internally and track milestones to deliver on time, on budget, and to the highest standards.
Little Red River Group of companies is a very diversified group, which allows Caribou Mountain Construction to leverage its sister companies’ expertise as needed. Equipment that LRRG maintains, and we have access to includes:

  • 850K Bron Vp-100 Cable/Conduit Plows
  • 200 and 300 series tracked excavators
  • 100 Ton All-Terrain Crane
  • Bulldozers
  • Graders
  • Packers
  • Mulchers
  • Skid Steers
  • Mini Excavators
  • Marine Dredging Barge
  • Rock Trucks
  • Gravel Trucks
  • Trucking

What we can’t provide in house, we perform with the help of our valued partnerships. This includes professional engineering as well as subcontracted construction as needed.

Key Personnel

Gareth Jones – Division Manager, Caribou Mountain Construction.
  • Over 10+ years of construction management experience and 20 years of construction experience.
  • A strong background in civil and utility construction.
  • A strong track record of successfully implementing new program awards, process
    improvement, and delivering projects on time and budget.
  • Exemplary HS&E record, having won Ledcor’s highest safety award (Chairman’s Safety Award) for maintaining TRIF of below % 0.79 and no lost time incidents.
  • Construction Manager for Southern Alberta while at Ledcor Technical Services
  • Managed the Leak Detection construction on the Trans Mountain Expansion Program (TMEP) for Ledcor Pipelines
  • Managed the southern Alberta Road move program for Ledcor
  • Managed utility infrastructure moves on the West Calgary Ring Road
  • Successfully delivered community fibre optic infrastructure for the communities of Ponoka, Bonnyville, Strathcona (Edmonton), and West Edmonton
  • P3 (Public-Private Partnerships) such as the McKenzie Valley Fibre Link (MVFL);
    ~1400km of infrastructure installed in the Arctic
  • Construction Manager on the Alberta First Responders Communication System (AFRRCS)
Jan Landman – Construction Manager, Caribou Mountain Construction.
  • 10+ years of construction management experience at Ledcor Technical Services and Ledcor Pipelines
  • 20+ years of Telecommunications experience
  • 5 years of Pipeline infrastructure management experience
  • Managed over 7 community infrastructure builds in Western Canada
  • Construction Manager on the Alberta First Responders Communication System (AFRRCS)
  • General Superintendent - Spread 2 of the McKenzie Valley Fibre Link (MVFL)
  • Established and Managed the Technical Division at Westower Communications with revenues of ~$3mm in the first year
  • Managed diverse crews from 10-250 people
Andrew Kotelko – Superintendent, Caribou Mountain Construction.
  • Over 20+ years of construction experience specializing in civil construction, heavy earthworks, road building, and utility infrastructure installation.
  • Managed and constructed Calgary International Airport Runway expansion in 2012
  • Supervised Regina’s ring road and HWY 1 expansion project with a team of 80+
  • Managed to completion Stonebridge subdivision build, including roadways,
    easements, utilities, foundations, and landscaping.
  • Constructed multiple Cameco freeze pads including storm pond liners, roads, and pads for future expansion.
  • Excellent safety performance and invaluable contributions have allowed him to win numerous No Lost Time for Injury awards.
Stuart Holland – Estimator/ Project Manager, Caribou Mountain Construction.
  • Over 35+ plus years in utility construction, civil infrastructure, road construction and managing large scale projects
  • Estimated and managed 3 BC MOTI Traffic circle HWY construction builds
  • Estimated, managed ands completed 119 lot Subdivision in Medicine Hat, AB
  • Has estimated, managed, and completed project more than $30m.
  • Long history of implementing new processes, training, and coaching junior staff
Cory Lee - Construction Manager, Caribou Mountain Construction.

10 years of construction management experience
Over 15 years of utility infrastructure experience
Managed the infrastructure road moves program for Telecon
Developed cable plow teams across Alberta
Estimated multiple projects valued over $10mm
Built multiple multi legged Long Haul fibre optic projects.
Constructed over 5 infrastructure community builds in AB and BC

Project Examples

Here are some examples of the projects completed. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Wood Buffalo Fiber Optic Plow Installation

Description: Completed ~3000M of HDPE conduit installation using 850K Dozer with Bron V-100 cable plow.


12 Mile Phase 2 – Commercial lot


Description: 36,000 M3 storm pond excavation and installation, 180M roadway expansion, commercial lot development.

Shaw – Chetwynd HWY 97 Utility Installation

Description: 4500M of trenching, rock breaking, HDPE fusing, and conduit installation.


Fox Lake Solid Waste Landfill and Maintenance Building


Description: New Construction for a solid waste landfill complete with a 26,200M2 solid waste cell with HDPE Liner, weeping tile manhole effluent system, and 900mm sand cover. The compound also offers a maintenance building, material separation, temporary vehicle storage, and a clean wood burn area.

John D’or Prairie Solid Waste Transfer Station & Maintenance Building

Description: New Construction for solid waste transfer station complete with maintenance building, unloading ramp retaining wall, and material separation.

Client: Little Red River Cree Nation


Atco Gas Reclamation


Description: 10 HA well head reclamation project. Included all decommissioning, environmental remediation, and site cleanup.

Client: Atco Gas

High Level AB 92 ST Watermain Expansion

Description: New 2-kilometer 300MM HDPE watermain complete with 4 Fire Hydrants, isolation valves and two tie-ins to existing watermains.

Client: Town of High Level AB


Mackenzie County Highway 58 & Highway 88 Intersection Improvements


Description: New Construction for access into the Caribou Mountain Travel Centre located at Highway 58 & 88 Junction. Construct acceleration, deceleration, and dual lane access of existing highway. Job meeting Alberta Transportation specifications.

Client: Mikkwa Seepee GP Inc.